ONLINE EDITION - June 6, 2061


Today: 65/62 Rain, heavy at times throughout the day.

Tomorrow: 75/57 Partly cloudy with possible showers.


                           A Royal Victory!

  •              Princess Kida Goddard of Helicon strikes a pose and a big smile after defeating Miranda Frost for her third consecutive World Fencing Cup Title in Albany this weekend.

    Albany, New York

    Both excitement and tension filled the air at the Albany Sports Arena this Sunday as the 2061 World Fencing Cup neared the closing rounds. Many at the event felt that the stage had already been set by what most agreed was a breathtaking performance from newcomer Amy Sorel, who easily won the Junior Title without losing a single match. As for the adult divisions, there were as many different opinions about what the outcome might be as there were initial competitors. Yet in the end, the final result was joyous for some and heartbreaking for others, but for most fans of the sport it was simply deja vu as the reigning champion, Princess Kida Goddard of Helicon, defeated Miranda Frost for the third straight year in a row. Going into the tournament, many believed that this year might be a huge turning point for Miranda, who had since been training under world renowned fencing instructor Madonna Ciccone. Many observers noted immediate improvements as she started the competition out strong, in near perfect form, even bringing the reigning champion to a draw in the first set. However, it did not take the Princess much time to get settled in as she flawlessly parried, countered, and lunged her way to winning the next two points and the tournament. Afterward, as the Princess' fans and family gathered around to congratulate her, including her mother, King Thalia of Helicon, Miranda managed to steal the spotlight for a moment as she stormed her way over to her instructor, Madonna Ciccone, and proceeded to slap her in the face for all to see. In an odd coincidence, Princess Kida's instructor Raphael Sorel, who is also Junior Champion Amy Sorel's instructor and adoptive father, was not on hand to congratulate the Princess after her victory, but was instead seen appearing to console the obviously frustrated Ms. Frost.

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  • New Mutant school to open

    Westchester, New York

    Despite the current controversy surrounding the proposed Mutant Registration Act, Professor Charles Xavier announced today that the Xavier School for Gifted Mutants will be expanding in time for the fall semester this year. The announcement does come with a slight twist, as the new campus will actually be located in the Kingdom of Helicon, just south of the capital, Atlantis. Many are speculating that this is a precautionary move in the event that the Mutant Registration Act is passed by the UCAS Congress later this year. Already well known for her government's anti-discrimination laws against Mutants, Helicon's King Thalia was quoted as saying "All children deserve the right to grow up and experience education in a friendly and supportive environment without any kind of discrimination. Helicon is about freedom for all, and that includes Mutants." It has been rumored that Helicon Queen Emma Frost, also a mutant, is likely to accept the position of Head Mistress at the new campus.

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  • Get into the groove

    Manhattan, New York

    It was no surprise to see King Thalia of Helicon out celebrating after her daughter, Princess Kida, won the 2061 World Fencing Cup earlier in the day. What was surprising, was that the list of participants who showed up for the festivities. Never one to disappoint the paparazzi, the King arrived at one of her nightclubs, Planet Earth, last night hand in hand with Madonna Ciccone, who has been the fencing instructor of her daughter's rival, Miranda Frost, for the past year. The two stopped to pose for photographers before making their way through the crowds for a private celebration off camera, in the club's lavish VIP lounge. Members of the King's family, as well as several other guests, were seen arriving throughout the night for the festivities, including Queen Emma and their daughters, Princesses Kida, Khanada, and Faith. Oddly enough, no one  from the Sorel school, including Princess Kida's personal instructor Raphael Sorel, was in attendance.

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  • Hockey coming to Helicon?

    Atlantis, Helicon

    The Kingdom of Helicon is preparing itself in hopes of obtaining its' first professional sports franchise, its own hockey team. The bid, which was officially submitted to the NHL back in March, is expected to be accepted shortly after the Stanley Cup Finals, granting Helicon a team chartership. When asked why she chose to pursue hockey as the nation's first professional sports franchise, King Thalia replied "I guess you can say it's love really. I love my wife (Queen) Emma, and she loves winter sports, even though I'm more into water sports myself." The King also hinted that this will likely not be the nation's only professional sports team for very long.

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Today: 45/23 Partly sunny with light winds from the SE.                       Tomorrow: 47/28 Partly cloudy with rain showers late.

ONLINE EDITION - February 15, 2061

     Helicon King sets new precedent

  •                              King Thalia of Helicon with her new bride Emma Frost

    Xanadu, Helicon

    For the first time in recorded history, a same-sex marriage has taken place by a reigning head of state. In a private ceremony yesterday (appropriately Valentine's Day), King Thalia Goddard of the independent Kingdom of Helicon was married to her longtime girlfriend Emma Frost. The ceremony, which was limited to family and close friends, took place at their palatial estate, a few miles northeast of Helicon's capital, Atlantis. Same sex marriage has been legal in Helicon since its' founding, as has civil rights for mutants, which is of little surprise, considering Emma Frost is an openly admitted mutant. King Thalia is also known to have past associations with various mutant groups, and regularly makes donations from her vast personal fortune to the Xavier Institute. When recently asked about her views on such controversial subjects, she was quoted as saying that "None of us has any say about how we come into this world, but once we're here, everyone has the right to live and love as they see fit. F*@k the haters!" More on page 3.

  • Tensions increase as Mutant Registration Act comes before Congress

    Albany, New York

    Things remain heated outside of the capital building in Albany as protestors from both sides continue to march and picket. In a recent debate, both House and Senate representatives seem to be as divided as the people on this sensitive issue. When asked for his opinion on the proposed Mutant Registration Act, Senator Robert Kelly (D-NY) cited the civil rights struggles of the 19th and 20th centuries as "an example to be learned from, and that to repeat a history of inequality and oppression will only lead to another division of this country and its' people". On the opposing side, Joint Chief-of-Staff General Frank Hummel was quoted as saying that "mutants and their powers are essentially weapons, and as such, are a threat to national security and should be viewed as no less than domestic terrorists". More on page 2.



  • Albany selected to host 2061 World Fencing Cup

For the first time in over a decade, UCAS will host the 2061 World Fencing Cup, set to take place in Albany, later this year. For the last several years, the competition has been held in European capitals, such as London, Berlin, and Paris. This year, in its UCAS return, reigning champion Princess Kida Goddard of Helicon is favored to win what would be her third consecutive championship after dethroning Miranda Frost back in 2059. More on page 6.

  • Another bizarre series of animal attacks raises concern

    Mystic Falls, NY

    Citizens and law enforcement officials in Mystic Falls continue to be baffled as the bodies of three more campers were found mutilated over the weekend. While there have been rumors that these attacks could be tied in with the recent wave of vampire killings taking place throughout the country, local Sheriff Liz Forbes declined to speculate, stating that "We just don't have all the facts yet". More on page 4.

  • Make-up sales increasing dramatically where you'd least expect it

    Figures show that cosmetics sales all across the country have gone up by nearly 25% in the last year, but it's not from buyers you might normally think of. According to a recent study, the largest growing demographic in cosmetic purchases is actually made up of males, ages 14 to 18. "It's not uncommon these days to see teenage couples shopping together at the make-up counter in Macys." quoted one sales manager. "There's always been a lot of pressure on women to look their best, and I think that men are starting to feel that now as well." More on page 5.